Week#1 Trail Hearing the name of ‘Kerala’ evokes images of infinite coconut trees, greenery n scenery all around and the soothing backwaters. So, when I got to know that we shall be in Cochin for some weeks as part of a holiday-cum-work trip, I was pretty excited. We landed at Kochi in the month of […]

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Military Milieu

Disclaimer: All the characters, candy floss, vanity fair, incidents, places in this article are purely NOT  imaginary. They do exist in ‘real’ and ‘flesh and blood’. The painful hearings I have put up with, the mental agony I have gone through are very much true. However, this article is meant not to hurt anybody but

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Book Review : Solo in Singapore

Being part of the Armed forces fraternity myself, I have heard about Tanushree Podder’s previous book- ‘Boots, Belts, Berets’ but never got an opportunity to read it(my bad!). So, I was very excited to read ‘Solo in Singapore’ by the same writer, and here is my review of the book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

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Book on rape victims

Book Review : Scars do Heal

I received the book ‘Scars do heal’ written by Shilpa Menon as part of the Goodreads giveaway. After having read the book and keeping with the spirit of a ‘Giveaway’, here I am with the book review for the same. Scars do heal: If given a chance The book cover aptly depicts a rose (metaphorical

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A Man’s Quest !

As darkness engulfs and the God of Death meets me, I pray thee, my Lord. Will you grant me my last wish, my uttered word? I want to be reborn a girl ! I see girls sitting around doing nothing, like an Oyster’s pearl. Enough of being a man, as all the burden of the

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