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Military Milieu

Disclaimer: All the characters, candy floss, vanity fair, incidents, places in this article are purely NOT  imaginary. They do exist in ‘real’ and ‘flesh and blood’. The painful hearings I have put up with, the mental agony I have gone through are very much true. However, this article is meant not to hurt anybody but …

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Book Review : Solo in Singapore

Being part of the Armed forces fraternity myself, I have heard about Tanushree Podder’s previous book- ‘Boots, Belts, Berets’ but never got an opportunity to read it(my bad!). So, I was very excited to read ‘Solo in Singapore’ by the same writer, and here is my review of the book which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. …

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Book on rape victims

Book Review : Scars do Heal

I received the book ‘Scars do heal’ written by Shilpa Menon as part of the Goodreads giveaway. After having read the book and keeping with the spirit of a ‘Giveaway’, here I am with the book review for the same. Scars do heal: If given a chance The book cover aptly depicts a rose (metaphorical …

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A Man’s Quest !

As darkness engulfs and the God of Death meets me, I pray thee, my Lord. Will you grant me my last wish, my uttered word? I want to be reborn a girl ! I see girls sitting around doing nothing, like an Oyster’s pearl. Enough of being a man, as all the burden of the …

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Books on Lord Shiva

Book Review : Shiva in the City of Nectar

Read my thoughts and review about the book Shiva in the City of Nectar, authored by Preetha Rajah Kannan, and, published by Jaico Publishing House. This book is a great read for storytelling sessions, tourists, pilgrims, and general readers interested in religion and spirituality.

Dalhousie Snowfall

Dalhousie Snowfall : Memories of The White Carpet in 30 photos

I am sure a person who has been born and brought up in a place that is dry and humid with a blazing hot sun as a lifelong companion can understand the inexplicable yearning to experience the snowfall. But then, I never knew that one day rather for two winters, I would experience and admire the snow in this way!!!

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