Why I Love My Blog!

I take on the baton of  ‘Blog Love’ from Aditi …..

Polkajunction’s  very first ‘Blogversary ‘  was on the 12th of February. I am more than glad to be still ticking and afloat  in the blogosphere. And, this is the right time to write on ‘Why I love my blog!

The Ignition

My presence on Twitter started in 2008 and at that time, it did not appeal to me much. That is when I wrote my first blog post on Blogger, inspired by many wonderful bloggers. I did write a couple of posts then, but never published them!

So, after deleting my twitter handle the first time around, I re-joined in the year 2010.Yes, I have been around for quite some time with a different handle that I still use often.

Officially, I started blogging in 2016 and now it has become an extension of my everyday thought-process. I am glad that I took up blogging to keep myself occupied and let my creative spirit finds its destination.

I love my blog because…

It is an extension of my personality and thought process, hence I address it as ‘My Baby’. I have nurtured it with my time, love and dedication.

The process of blogging has re-emphasized the importance of perseverance, patience and hard-work to me.

It has helped me to interact with new bloggers , writers and some wonderful minds.Thanks to some wonderful online communities.

It has re-kindled my passion for reading books . I have become less critical, and more appreciative of literary works. Thanks to my ongoing stint as a book blogger, I am learning about how the publishing world works and the hardwork that goes in making a writer.

Blogging has also helped me to stay connected  with my students through my posts. I am finding ways and means to help and support them through my blog posts on Education.

I have become more mindful of the words I use in my posts. This change is being reflected in my interactions not only in the virtual world but also in the real world.

At the end of ‘a fruitful year of blogging’ I have realized that – one is at peace with blogging when one does not compare the outcomes of the other bloggers’ achievements. Every blogger has their own trail to progress ahead. As a blogger my focus should be on content, promoting it on the right platforms, interacting with my readers and fellow-bloggers and helping others as much as possible.

I love my blog as it brings together my varied interests and helps me to express thoughts and opinions on various topics.  On successful completion of a year of blogging ,I take this space to express  gratitude to my readers , friends , blogging community friends , authors and publishers for helping me in this journey and for making me fall in ‘Love with my blog’. Just hope – I keep blogging , learning , sharing and caring….

Now, I pass on the baton of Blog Love to Ramya Samantha

11 thoughts on “Why I Love My Blog!”

  1. You are absolutely bang on when you say , this isn’t a competition and each blogger has a different journey . Its very insightful of you to say that you measure your words when you write them .. am so much like you. What we write here can have far reaching implications esp if your students are reading them.
    Congratulations on your Blog-anniversary .. I think your intent is so clear that you are already a successful blogger in your own right.
    Happy writing!

  2. Incidentally,your blogversary date is also my birthday.True-‘Every blogger has their own trail to progress ahead’.Well said Meenakshi

  3. Hey Meenakshi, congrats on your blogversary!! It was so wonderful to read what good your blog does for you, I guess it’s true for all of us. Blogging helps you introspect and weigh your actions and words…you actually become a better person! Cheers to Polka Junction, wishing you many more happy milestones!

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