My Butterfly Moment

11 years of married life, 11 years of moving places, 11 years of meeting new people yet all this seems like a ‘Dream’ when I look back!

As a couple -I and my hubby have sailed through these years with a brave face, weathered the various storms, sailed through the medical condition of our child by being for each other, with each other and for the sake of our child. And now all those hardships seem like a cakewalk.
It’s been 10 long years since I and my husband went on a trip as a couple. Of course, we cannot still think of a ‘trip’ sans our kiddo. I feel weird every time I read a write-up that talks about ‘Going on getaways as a couple sans children’.I mean, how can you just not take your ‘Heart’ with you on a vacation?! This, I have always wondered.

Ready to take the plunge

Now that my son has grown up and is independent enough to take care of himself, of late I have been contemplating gifting my husband a ‘surprise trip’. This thought in itself is a surprise, owing to my above views on this!

My dream trail would be a place which is surrounded by mountains, picturesque locations and a beach, so that – I can have the best of all the three worlds. I have learnt through all these years of travelling that exploring new places, meeting new people and trying new cuisines helps in breaking preconceived notions about everything – be it prejudice about the region, race, food habits or costumes.
My dream destination would be a hill station like ‘Dalhousie’ with a beach like in Vizag – both of which are unexplored, far away from the madness, yet infuses life into the souls of the travellers!


This is a dream trail, isn’t it? So, let me take the liberty of calling this anonymous place which has cool weather, floating clouds and woods filled with deodars, oaks and pines descending which, we land on beautiful beaches kissed with coral dust as-‘Polka Junction’ (It’s a dream and I can promote my blog too!) So, I book two surprise tickets to this hill station with a beachside, gift it to my hubby and we fly on ‘PolkaWays’ (Of course, I cannot take the names of the other airlines here).Bang! we land in this picturesquely breathtaking place, as cheerful and excited as we were during our honeymoon!

Our homestay looks like a dream – a colonial-styled cottage with its own private lawn, ornate entrances, huge Windows and beautiful potted plants along cobbled paths. We are escorted to our suite which lies to the right side of the entrance(or is it left? No clue, it’s a dream). Our suite has got a now-defunct fireplace replaced by electric heaters, a huge bed with clean and bright sheets, a compact dining table and a spotlessly clean washroom and I am super excited with this arrangement. My hubby gives me a huge smile and looks at me with loads of love.No, No…it’s not what you think! It’s that look of a husband who has to put up with a fussy wife and is finally happy that her OCD of cleanliness has been satisfied and is rest assured that the trip would be a happy one!

Then we have a freshly prepared ‘in-house’ breakfast, followed by steaming hot coffee. Time to inhale pure oxygen sans dust and smoke and seep in the magic of the mountains by taking a stroll along the pathway connecting the ‘Homestay’ with the market place. So, we decide to explore the ‘Colonial town’. Hubby is happy that his pocket has not been burnt this time around as I don’t indulge in shopping but take a detour to our Home Stay. Enroute, we catch up on sweet nothings which we have not spoken back home, owing to the ‘Rush of madness’ on every working day around the year. ‘What about weekends?’- you may ask. Well, aren’t weekends for washing clothes, setting the closets right, typing away the pending blog posts and planning for the coming week ahead? Phew!

Very European!

The salubrious surroundings, the woods infested with tall trees, the sparkling waters of little brooks and the cool clime gives an ‘English’ feel to the detour we took. It is at this point that I want to take on the life of a ‘Thoreau’ – build a cottage and stay in the woods forever! Upon reaching our abode just in time for lunch, we are treated to a wonderful ‘Pahari’ spread with fluffy buttered Rotis,’Madra’ and ‘Rhododendron chutney’…Bliss!
The next day we go trekking exploring the lesser-known trails, traversing across colourful hamlets, appreciating the simple yet difficult life of the mountain people.


Soon after gobbling a rustic lunch along a roadside food joint, we descend the mountain and reach the shores in a cable car!

Nothing matches the cool breeze blowing on your face loaded with salty air that soothes the senses and calms the nerves on the beaches. After ages, we both get drenched after having a great time in the sea and back on the shore tired, we witness a beautiful canvas of ochre into which the ‘Sun finally escapes as we hold hands! But not before we nomads-talk and discuss the importance of ‘Responsible Tourism’, ‘Travel Bucket List’ and our next trip! Our next trip triggers a discussion- He wants to go to Kabini and I want to visit Ladakh! As I am arguing in favour of an upcoming trip to Ladakh and Spiti, I am woken up by the sound of the alarm on my mobile…..and I realize that it’s a Monday morning: time to become mechanical robots again!

I so wish I can just capture that dream moment on the shore and preserve it in some form or the other. But then I realize that this was just a dream and moments like these are like butterflies – they should be lived, cherished and of course, captured in pictures! Keeping my fingers crossed that this dream of mine of travelling to the mountains or a beach or both together, comes true…! Wait..wait…I just realised that I am an insatiable foodie and traveller! Oh gosh, even in my dream I was thinking of not the beautiful rhododendrons but the chutney made of them. Time to hit the gym before the ‘dream trail’ becomes a reality!

3 thoughts on “My Butterfly Moment”

  1. Oh my god. I loved it. Your narrative is so real and the pics support it well

    Btw I was a “stowaway” on this trip and loved the rhododendron chutney too- I managed to seduce the chef into sharing the recipe with me ?

  2. Happy Anniversary. Staying away from the kid for a few days is good for both the parties. The kid will discover something new too as we are ever ready to satisfy all his wishes.

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