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Hello Authors/Writers and Publishers,

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. As of now, I am only into commissioned reviews. Please do read my review policy before contacting me for reviews.

  • I read almost all sorts of books from different genres.
  • I firmly believe that no book is good or bad, still, I won’t read or review erotica.
  • Not all of my reviews may be articulated appropriately, but they are written honestly.
  • My review is based on the characterization, story, the language used, literary value, the pace and considers the political and social situations of the time in which the story is set.
  • The format of my review will change according to the book. You may read through the reviews I have already posted on my blog here
  • I do my research about the writer and the story background before I start reading any book
  • The review reflects my own opinion as a reader first and then as a critic
  • The review will be posted on my blog and on other sites as feasible.
  • As I have my hands full juggling various roles, I take time to read a book which may range from 7-10 days
  • I shall try to post a review as soon as possible, as and when a book is read but I cannot guarantee this all the time. Any delay in a review will be intimated through correspondence.
  • If I am not accepting any book, it just means either I am travelling or I am busy with other books. No offence though!
  • My review will include a rating on a scale of 5
  • I accept review requests only if a copy of the book/ARC is sent.
  • However, e-books will be considered in exceptional cases.

If you are O.K with the above Review Policy, you may contact me either by filling the Contact form or you can DM or tweet on my twitter handle @polkajunction and I shall get back to you promptly


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