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My Butterfly Moment

11 years of married life, 11 years of moving places, 11 years of meeting new people yet all this seems like a ‘Dream’ when I look back! As a couple -I and my hubby have sailed through these years with a brave face, weathered the various storms, sailed through the medical condition of our child […]

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View the world through the words and lens of PolkaJunction, as we share our experiences of travelling as a family, exploring vegetarian cuisine and more.

Military Milieu

Disclaimer: All the characters, candy floss, vanity fair, incidents, places in this article are purely NOT  imaginary. They do exist in ‘real’ and ‘flesh and blood’. The painful hearings I have put up with, the mental agony I have gone through are very much true. However, this article is meant not to hurt anybody but

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A Man’s Quest !

As darkness engulfs and the God of Death meets me, I pray thee, my Lord. Will you grant me my last wish, my uttered word? I want to be reborn a girl ! I see girls sitting around doing nothing, like an Oyster’s pearl. Enough of being a man, as all the burden of the

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