Five reasons!

I have lived in Dalhousie-a quaint hill station in Himachal, for a couple of years, and have recently shifted to Delhi from there, I can’t help but keep thinking about the place over and over again. So, here are my reasons for loving Dalhousie so very much.

My five valid reasons

  • One of the most beautiful hill towns of Himachal faraway from the hustle bustle unlike other hill stations of the state. I found Dalhousie peaceful and calm when compared to Dharamshala, Shimla, or Kasauli.
  • I have made friends with some of the local people who were my colleagues at the convent, where I worked as a junior lecturer. And it helped me to know a lot more about Himachali culture, cuisine, festivals, history, and interesting tidbits.
  • The floating clouds during the monsoons and nature’s white carpet during the winters and the innumerable treks to undertake were all so beautiful and awesome.
  • Pure oxygen to breathe that helped my problematic skin and endless stars to count at night that added some wonderful moments to be spent with my life-long friend: My husband!
  • It made me write poetry, start this blog, and chronicle my travelogues. This place also made me pen a few words as an ‘Ode’ to it…You can read the poem Enchantment

My Five Crazy  Reasons

  • I loved when my friends from other cities envied me about staying in the hills so close to the Himalayan ranges
  • I triumphed when I countered my cousins’ pics of Switzerland with my own pics shot in Dalhousie, and people thought that I too was with them in Switzerland. And, I was like ‘India is beautiful’.
  • I could cook any dish and people used to drool over it…maybe the climate does that to people and is magnanimous towards bad-chefs like me!
  • I could guzzle down numerous cups of tea and coffee according to my mood and nobody gave me a disgusting look and said “Iss climate mein koi coffee peethey hain kya?”
  • For a change, nobody asked me if I wanted Coke or Pepsi (I hate consuming soft drinks and carbonated drinks), and wherever I went people offered just steaming cups of…you know what, by now!

If  (you are a Sanskari person )

{please do not read any further…as you may cringe at some of the points

Enjoy the pic …Thank you}

else (you are in the highly Sanskari team)

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Five insane reasons

  • I could wear shabby and old tops, T-Shirts and still put up a smart look just by camouflaging it with a Cape/Sweater or whatever! By the way,if you hate to bathe daily, then you should make the hills your haven as you will hardly sweat and you won’t stink! Precisely the reason why I didn’t buy a house there! No… I am not trying to offend anyone here…so don’t take this point out of context…
  • I never worried about switching off the Fans while leaving home as none of the rooms/ most of the homes do not have the provision of fixing a ceiling fan ( loops/hooks)!
  • I could forget about waxing and blah blah, look like a Bear and still get away because hair keeps us warm in cold climates and everyone around me did that! Also, I could blame it on short-term memory loss at such a high altitude.
  • Never worried about dengue and chikungunya as there were no signs of mosquitoes at such an altitude. After coming to Delhi, I have had 3-4 bouts of viral in the last 4 months…:(
  • I am a foodie and I could bake, cook, eat whatever I wanted, and bloated like a Panda. Then I blamed it on my cravings due to the climate effect! And you could skip exercises as frequent walks on such slopes can have an adverse effect on your knees and too much of cardio can leave you breathless!

Now you as readers tell me if all the above reasons put-forth by me are Valid or Not?! Do you also have reasons to like/dislike places, things, people, etc.,.I am sure you must be having loads…So why don’t you share it with me? I will surely keep it a secret…Shhhhh

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