Unmissable Uttarakhand

Braving the waters of River Ganga

Braving the waters of River Ganga is the final part of my series on ‘Adventures at Rishikesh’. So, before you embark on this experience of mine, please do read Adventurous Outing at Rishikesh  The canoeing , hiking and travelling the previous day, made us snore away to glory,until we were awakened by the camp staff

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Adventurous Outing at Rishikesh!

Mountains have an endearing charm on us humans and I feel at peace when perched on the mountain ranges or surrounded by them especially at Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. I clearly remember how entranced I was, on catching a glimpse of the green , holy river- gushing unabashed, blessing the land and people on her shore

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