Why am I regularly irregular with blogging

I am excited to return to the blogosphere, writing and blogging after almost a month of hiatus. O.K.,I do accept that I have been regularly irregular with updating my blog for the last couple of months.No,no….this time around I am not giving any excuse except that the factors of hindrance are too many ranging from work commitments to constant travel.

The month of August this year has been one of frantic activity for our family, what with shifting to our 8th home in the last 4years, that resulted in another cycle of Packing and Unpacking of the trunks. Trust me if I say, I can now head a team of packers and movers! Uff…

August gathering at home

August is otherwise a very special month for the family with birthdays, festivals and of course, exams!
This time around, it is all the more exciting as I have my Parents and Grandparents visiting us for a couple of weeks. Settling into the new accommodation, setting the house around the festivals of Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi meant a festive atmosphere accompanied by loads of chore. Hey, my 11 yo son performed the Vinayagar poojai with his 91 yo Great Grandfather and it was a wonderful start to our stay in this new area.

Path to fitness

By the way, did I tell you that I am glad to be back into the folds of a green campus, away from the concrete jungles of Dwarka? Phew! And wonder of wonders, my exercise regime has restarted with morning and evening walks.

Amidst all this excitement, my blogging and book reviews have taken a back seat. The computer is still stacked away in a trunk and I am trying to make do with an iPad and the wireless keyboard that my husband gifted me for my blogging achievements last year.

All regular bloggers will know that blogging does not just end with writing articles and hitting the publish button. There is enormously hard work involved behind the scenes and I have contemplated quitting earlier too! However, it was the Blogchatter community that boosted my spirit and made me blog after my ‘To Blog or not to blog’ dilemma.

Stepping up in September

This September, I have kickstarted my #MyFriendAlexa campaign with this very post and the reading hashtag continues to be #Polkareads.
I hope to blog, at least, thrice a week and complete my travel series on Thailand by the end of this September. Armed with this idea, I am marching towards an exciting month of blogging with the Blogchatter community in tow. As I type this, we are planning a trip to the Braj Bhoomi of Mathura and Vrindavan with an icing on the cake called Agra. So, expect snaps shots of these trips in the Travel section of my blog.

On the literary front, I am reading an exciting and insightful collection of essays titled ‘The Life of Hinduism’.

Rupa Publications
A new book up for review

How about you?  What’s up with you this month…

9 thoughts on “Why am I regularly irregular with blogging”

  1. When I say, I know what you mean, believe me, I really do. In fact, I had pretty much the same experience (including shifting a house) in the last month and the blog, unfortunately, was pushed down in the to -to list for a few days. But we always yearn to come back. The book looks like something I would like to read now. I have been looking some refreshing yet valuable.

    1. I realized that pretty much all we women bloggers are sailing in the same boat but it is our never-say-no spirit that keeps us afloat! Thanks for dropping by Deepali 🙂

  2. Amrita Basu (Misra)

    I love Bribdavan and Agra .Mathry is okay .But the food and architectural wonders are glorious.Glad you are blogging .Will be getting a bluetooth keyboard. Sounds perfect.

  3. Woah! Welcome back. I believe life comes before blogging always. We have to live and enjoy life before we get down to journaling it. And then it’s always fun to get back. Glad you’ve had a happy busy August.

  4. You’ve certainly had your hands full, haven’t you now! 8th home in 4 years?!!
    Yes, we bloggers don’t just stop at writing, there is loads to do post that too.
    That is such a memorable picture of your son with his great grand-dad.
    Glad you’re back to your fitness routine AND to blogging. Have fun!

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