My Tryst with Colour BOTS called Berger Express Painting!

Change is the only constant. More so, in the lives of a military family!

Having shifted six houses in the last 30 months across three different terrains and states, I share a special bond with the statement – ‘Getting my house painted’.

A Flashback

My first tryst with this statement was exactly 14 years back when I had used the major part of the peanuts I earned (Read: Salary), on getting our home re-painted. And what a time I had as a 20 year old, Ufff!

So , Yes! I could relate very precisely when the Chief Marketing manager of Berger Paints quoted saying ,“Getting your house painted is much more painful than getting your tooth extracted” at the #BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet. By the way, did I tell you –readers, about the gala-time we bloggers had at the meet. Not yet, isn’t it? So, why don’t you read on …….

Back to the Present

Last Saturday, I had the prerogative of attending the #BergerXP Bloggers’ meet organized by IndiBlogger at Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka , New Delhi. I was super excited to attend for three reasons :

  1. Because it was my very first IndiBlogger Meet
  2. It was to be held at a venue so very near to my house, with just a 5 min drive
  3. Remember, I am an Official Serial offender of getting my home painted!

My Very First IndiBlogger Meet

Reaching the venue, I quickly registered myself as an attendee and started interacting with the other bloggers over a sumptuous lunch. I was meeting almost all of them for the very first time. I knew a couple of bloggers virtually through the social media. So, it was fun knowing the others through the game of ‘Find the Blogger’ conducted , post-lunch. In this game ,we had to identify the bloggers by interacting over lines taken from their respective blogs and Bios.Prior to this, we were ushered a warm welcome by Anoop.

Next, we had an informative talk on ‘Painting the homes with Berger Express Painting’ by Mr.Vinod Das (Chief Marketing Manager) from Berger Paints. He explained in-depth the benefits of Express Painting and also gave us a sneak peek into the ‘Paints Industry’. And of course, we got to know a  lot of ‘Did You Know’ facts on ‘Berger Paints!

The prominent advantages of Express Painting offered by Berger Paints are:
  • Express Painting is faster than traditional painting by 40%
  • Painters are trained at the Advanced Training Centers of Berger Paints.
  • The assigned painters come armed with No-Mess Tools like Airless Paint Sprayer, Auto Roller, High Pressure Washer et al.
  • The use of Cutting-edge Vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines ensures that the painted homes are dust-free
  • The use of Express Painting ensures better coverage, smoothness and finish. And all these at no extra cost!

Post this interactive and informative session, we were divided into teams of eight each. Our team was named as ‘ColourBOTS’ by us and we donned the masks, gloves and sand-papers to try our hand at a simulated Sanding experience.

Though it was fun sanding a plank of wood – coated with putty, we realized how difficult it would be in real-time on an area much larger: What with, all the dust the process induced and the effort required on the part of the painters! This is the precise reason why Berger Paints have so thoughtfully brought better eco-friendly products to lessen the hassles of sanding.

After the sanding session, we painters err bloggers were privileged to take a ‘Tea-Break’…Tada!


After a short break , we all gathered to paint our imagination over the theme of ‘Blogging /Vlogging’ given to us,  on the canvas provided. Before us were bottles and bottles of colour paints and very thoughtfully we were demonstrated the process of mixing the Stainer, Paints and Thinner before we became the Ravi Vermas and M.F.Hussains!

Hey, we did manage this with the tools and paints given to us…Pretty, isn’t it? And  gave a presentation over this as well. Indeed it was ‘Walk the Talk of the Colours’.

This rendezvous with colour palettes was followed by a demonstration of the various painting tools and equipments used in #BergerXP. Read-on to gain some insight on these…..


Faster & Cleaner

Dust-Free Vacuum Function

Regulated Speeds


Quick & Hassle-free Mixing

Regulated Speeds

Putty & Texture Mixing



Adjustable Roller

Automatic Paint Pumping

Superior Finish


Hi-speed Pressure Wash

Pressure Regulator

Nozzle Adjustment


Quick Application

Supports Water-Based Paints & Primer

Uniform Finish

Adieu or paving way for another meet!

Finally, it was time to bid our good-byes, but not before we were awarded for our hard work on a Sunday Afternoon. Yes, our team ‘ColourBOTS’ stood First in both Sanding and Painting proving our caliber as Bloggers and worthwhile Painters too….

In conclusion, I would say that this was an afternoon filled with fun, information and interaction. And definitely, I am going to opt for Berger Paints for painting my home again.Why look for other options, when Berger Express Painting makes it Faster, Cleaner and Better.

Three Cheers!

Also, I always loved the manner in which the IndiBlogger’s Team conducted and communicated themselves. Be it the mails, the events or redressal of queries- everything is done systematically and in a thoroughly professional manner. So , Kudos to IndiBlogger and BergerXP for merging together like a ‘Stainer and Paint’ and painting the City very colourfully with this meet . A big Thank You!

Good to know

About Berger Paints –
Berger Paints India is headquartered at Kolkata, with 10 strategically located manufacturing units and about 110 stock points. The company also has an international presence in 4 countries (Nepal, Bangladesh, Poland and Russia). With employee strength of above 2800 and a countrywide distribution network of 25,000+ dealers, Berger is acclaimed as a game changer in the sector with a vibrant portfolio of paints and tailor-made customer services in every paint segment.
The Company has another SBU – British Paints. For details, please see

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    1. True…May be the next time we meet, we should spend some time together Manjulika :) It was wonderful knowing a blogger like you.My privilege !

  1. Congrats on the win! I can see you had so much fun. I was planning to attend but a last minute issue got in the way.

    Lovely to see you virtually!

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