The picturesque and historical Hauz Khas fort – A hidden gem in Delhi

The Hauz Khas Fort complex is a hidden gem and historical monument of Delhi. Tourists and local people visit the Hauz Khas urban village to shop and party but often skip exploring the Hauz Khas fort. It’s a shame that many aren’t even aware that the Hauz Khas fort complex exists at the fag end of the urban village in the Hauz Khas neighbourhood.

Are you guilty of this as well? Don’t. Because it took us two years of our stay in Delhi to realize that there exists this gem of a monument called the Hauz Khaz complex.

So, come with me on a virtual tour of the Hauz Khas fort and its much famous Hauz Khas neighbourhood, as I meander through the lanes. Let us seep in the vintage vibes of the monumental place amidst the glitterati that has overshadowed Hauz Khas, also pronounced as Haus Khas.Β 

Hauz Khas – An upscale neighbourhood of Delhi

It’s been quite some time since we visited the very popular Hauz Khas fort monument inside the urban village of Hauz Khas. Since then, I have been procrastinating in marshalling my thoughts over the visit.Β 

What is Hauz Khas?

Hauz Khas translates to a ‘royal water tank’ in Urdu, and since the area houses an ancient water supply tank, it’s known by the name of Hauz Khas.

Who built the Hauz Khas?

The royal tank of Hauz Khas was built by Allauddin Khilji whose reigned over from 1296–1316 CE.

The water tank built by Khilji is at the fag end of the Hauz Khas urban village and also houses the Hauz Khas fort and monument on its fringes.

I found this map inside the complex and clicked it. You are free to take a printout of this, keep it handy to navigate through the village as and when you take the plunge!


How to reach Hauz Khas fort complex?

As you enter the Hauz Khas neighbourhood, ask either for the deer park or the Hauz Khas village. Upon reaching the entrance of the Hauz Khas village, onto the left is the vehicle-parking area and on right is the deer park enclosing the tank (Check the map above). You will find many touts trying to divert your attention by posing as ‘parking keepers’ right from 500 meters towards the entry. So beware!

There is ample parking space provided in the area I mentioned earlier…so do not fall trap to these touts.


Upon entering the Hauz Khas village, you will see numerous food joints, travel cafes, boutiques, antique shops, pubs, etc. Do not hesitate to explore the narrow lanes as it is in these lanes that you are bound to find some wonderful collections!

I saw these perky and funky looking restos very nearby to the entrance….

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We could not try out any of the pubs as we had tagged along with us our kiddo, so we avoided them and walked straight to the Hauz Khas fort complex which comprises of the erstwhile madrassas, water tank, and Feroze Shah’s Tomb.

A tour of the Hauz Khas fort complex


It is beautiful during the evenings inside the complex as the rays of the setting sun paints the tombstones with a tinge of orange and deep yellow and the greenery around adds the perfect drop to this melange…


The ruins look a bit eerie as the sun goes down, but I saw that this did not dampen the spirit of the college-goers and lovebirds who flock this monument for their own valid reasons…


Hauz Khas – The Royal tank

The beautiful Hauz Khas or royal tank is a sight to behold with greenery all around it. As the water is laden with algae,it is green in colour, hence may not be portable any longer.

Most of the tourist accommodations in Hauz Khas village are situated on this side of the street and offer a wonderful view of the water tank. The path that you see in the below pic is the trail that runs right through the deer park, offering a perfect walking path to the evening walkers and joggers.


The monument is being slowly eaten away by urban infestation as can be deduced by the pic below and this is the reason why the area is known as the Hauz Khas Urban village…


Moving onto the left wing of the monument, one can have a glimpse of the Humayun’s tomb and also some of the rooms of the Madrassa. I could not take the snaps inside the corridors as flocks of love birds desperate to catch a glimpse of each other resorted to pecking in these corridors and I had to pull away my son who went onto explore some secret chambers below these corridors , citing some reason or the other! πŸ˜€

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Also one can see the prayer tombs in the lawn which is well maintained and offers some greenery to the eye.


Meander through the quirky bylanes of the Hauz Khas urban village

Just when we thought that we were done for the day, we chanced to take the bylanes on our return. And here we discovered – the uniquely designed exteriors of shops, colourful entrance doors and much more…

I found this particular antique shop exclusive as well as the little tea shop with a quirky outlook…Loved the splash of yellow and was reminded of fresh lime…refreshing for sure!



Just below this beautiful yellow tea room is a unique collector’s paradise…..Do pay a visit, to be taken back to the past!

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The care-taker of the shop is hesitant about allowing cameras inside….but then relented after some persuasion :p

So do cajole him a little if you want some snaps taken inside the shop. As I end this photo essay, I leave you with an insider’s glimpse of the shop…..


Hope you enjoyed this photo journey as much as I did presenting it to you…..Do share it with others πŸ™‚

Also, let me know which part of the village did you find intriguing! You may also want to read ‘Places to Visit in Delhi’.


5 thoughts on “The picturesque and historical Hauz Khas fort – A hidden gem in Delhi”

  1. pretty amazing pictures. I have visit hauz khas but dont know about the quirky spots to visit . thanks for sharing !!

  2. Those are some spectacular photographs. Thanks for sharing them with us. I’ve never been to this place. And I would so want to explore those secret chambers like your kid πŸ˜›

    1. Thank you so much Shalini…You are always kind and generous with your appreciation πŸ™‚ And yeah, u shud visit it atleast once to unlock d secret chambers ? BTW do let me know wen u come down πŸ™‚

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