Tips and Tricks

10 Tips and Tricks to stay safe in Indian Winters

A list of ‘tips and tricks’ to stay safe in Indian winters were churned out, during a casual WhatsApp group conversation for a dear friend ( a first-timer to the Himalayas) to keep herself safe in winters. The group resonated my thoughts on journaling these tips and tricks that I suggested, in some written form. …

Best time to discover Tamil Nadu is during the Maargazhi festival

Maargazhi maasam or Maargashira (the month of Maargazhi) is a holy month for the Hindus living in the southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. These regions witness innumerable classical music and dance concerts as well as celebrations and special rituals across most of its ancient temples. Come let us discover the importance …

Dalhousie Snowfall

Dalhousie Snowfall : Memories of The White Carpet in 30 photos

I am sure a person who has been born and brought up in a place that is dry and humid with a blazing hot sun as a lifelong companion can understand the inexplicable yearning to experience the snowfall. But then,ย I never knew that one day rather for two winters, I would experience and admire the snow in this way!!!