Demons of Atmos – The Final Fall

Disclaimer: This story isn’t for the faint-hearted. All characters and places are intentionally not coincidental. It is a longgggggg story, so grab a cuppa and make yourself comfortable before you read on. Prologue September 2017, Delhi The blue sky was suddenly hijacked by dark grey monsters, engulfing whatever and whomsoever came in their stride. At …


Book Review : Panorama

Nothing’s so dainty sweet as the lovely Melancholy, these words of ‘Francis Beaumont’ kept ringing in my ears as I read the stories from the book ‘Panorama’ by Shilpi Chaklanobis. This anthology of fifteen short stories is like a string of pearls-precious, delicate and priceless, and below is the review of the same. Book Review …

book cover of corpokshetra

Book Review : Corpokshetra

The book ‘Corpokshetra’ by ‘Deepak Kaul’ makes for a hilarious read from the word ‘go’. One look at the book cover and as a reader, I could imagine all the characters I have met a decade back while I was part of the corporate world.It’s a satire on modern-day entrepreneurs.

Book # 25

‘Dancing with Demons’ by Nidhie Sharma isn’t a mythological thriller, keeping with the latest trend of book releases and if you are guessing the storyline from its title! It’s far from it and the book cover and the blurb helps to understand the plot better. So here is a glimpse of the two….. “Karan Pratap …