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Dalhousie – Bakrota Hill that connects Bengal and Himachal

Living in the mountains amidst the thick growth of pines, deodars, rhododendrons, spruce and other flora and fauna interspersed with wooded trails is in itself a meditative and a medicative process. More so for urban dwellers who find themselves surrounded by greenery all of a sudden. The great poet and Nobel Laureate Shri Rabindranath Tagore and …

Mindrolling Monastery Dehradun
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Mindrolling Monastery Dehradun- A Detailed Virtual Tour in 25 Photos

A sense of calm and tranquillity pervades as one enters the Mindrolling Monastery Dehradun in the mornings.The only noise that is heard is that of the monkeys jumping and playing on the roofs.The monks in red robes go about their chores silently without any pandemonium.The premises is spic and span, devoid of the sea of …

People Called Shillong Review
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Book Review: People Called Shillong – 50 Stories from the Khasi Hills

Shillong and the North-East travels have been eluding me for long. I often see my friends posting photos on Social Media of their trip to Shillong or the exotic locations they discover as dwellers there. And rightfully, as an avid traveller, I feel disillusioned that we have not been to the ‘Scotland of East ‘, …

Ghosts of Gurugram Review
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Book Review : The Ghosts of Gurugram

This July marked a year of our move to Delhi from the mountains of Himachal. From a place of pure oxygen to a city with the highest pollution levels it indeed has been a drastic change. Thankfully, there is quite a lot of greenery here unlike the other cities to take in the wrath of …

FRI : Central Courtyard
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Forest Research Institute’s Architecture – A Photo Tour

The one monumental and prestigious institute that has been synonymous with Dehradun for over a century now, has to be the massive colonial Forest Research Institute.  I personally believe this is the only place that has not changed much, post my very first visit to the Doon valley a couple of decades back. Thanks to …

Tips and Tricks
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10 Tips and Tricks to stay safe in Indian Winters

Tips and tricks to stay safe in the Indian winters were churned out, in a casual group conversation for a dear friend ( a first-timer to the hills) to keep herself safe in the winters. The group resonated my thoughts on putting together the tips and tricks suggested by me. So here it is – …

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The Travel Story of Easy Peasy Keerai recipe

The most underrated of the vegetables are the leafy ones. Many of them slowly find their way up the muddy path, to feel a ray of sun, get caressed by the gentle breeze and yet grow in this world sans care. The lucky ones are nurtured by their masters and mistresses with love and affection …

Ayutthaya Buddha
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Ayutthaya Temples and Ruins : 10 Photos to help you plan a trip- Part 1

Ayutthaya to Ayodhya  – A nostalgic trip down the memory lane A couple of years back when Lucknow was our home for a short-period,  we frequented Ayodhya – the Hindu pilgrimage town on the banks of the revered  Sarayu, a river that flows through the central verdant plains of Uttar Pradesh in India. Ayodhya, one …

City Palace Jaipur Architecture
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City Palace Jaipur Architecture : 30 Photos to get you started on Responsible Tourism

The City Palace Jaipur has eluded me for more than a decade until our recent trip in April, this year. Jaipur, the capital city of Majestic Rajasthan, has been one of the most frequented places on my Travel list after Agra and Hyderabad. Yet, I could never spend ample time exploring the City Palace, before. I …

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Best time to discover Tamil Nadu is during the Maargazhi season

The time of the day is of cuddle and comfort, to be immersed in a deep slumber, to snooze the alarm and beg for some more time and catch up on a little more sleep. Just when one thinks that they have cajoled time for some respite, one starts hearing a very bleak ringing of …