Kru Kung Museum
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A Treasure Trove Called Kru Kung Museum in Thailand – Photo Tour of Bygones

Thailand is a land of varied shades. A country that has been culturally so vibrant and has over 4000 years of history in its kitty is bound to offer more than its pristine beaches and happening nightlife to the travellers and tourists who visit its land and sea with equal zest. To emphasize and propagate …

Bhangarh Fort
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Bhangarh Fort – Family Trip To The Most Haunted Fort In India

‘Haunted’, claimed all…‘We could hear weird voices and noises’, said some, while a handful vouched there was nothing really spooky about the place! These were some of the reactions from friends who got to know of our family trip to the Most Haunted Fort in India!!! I vividly remember the day of our visit to …

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Travel Alert : Useful #ShiftingToT2 Information for passengers using the Delhi Airport

I have quite many travel plans lined up in the coming weeks up until the month of July. And, this means umpteen alerts on mobile and through e-mails about flight and train- bookings and departures. One such alert that piqued my curiosity was about the shift of certain Airline’s services from T1 to T2 #ShiftingToT2 …

Karen Tribes in Chiang Mai
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The Karen Tribes in Chiang Mai : Friendship over Candied Fruit Peel in Thailand

As the World celebrates another Women’s Day with much fanfare, here is a tribute to the Karen Tribes in Chiang Mai and scores of women who go through the journey of ‘Life’ all silently with great resilience, across various households, from posh homes to refugee camps.Each one’s struggle may be different but the struggle invariably stems …

Bhangarh Fort
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Trip to Bhangarh with BoseQC35 II : A Travel Story of Ruins, Fear and Sounds

‘Haunted’, claimed all… ‘We could hear weird voices and noises’, said some, while a handful vouched there was nothing really spooky about the place! These were some of the reactions from friends when they got to know about our trip!!! 21 December 2005 I vividly remember the day of our visit to the Most Haunted …

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Destined by Rubina Ramesh : Book Review – PolkaJunction

My last read of Rubina Ramesh’s writing was ‘Knitted Tales’. It was a thriller that I completely loved reading. I opted to go for a romantic novel like ‘Destined’ after long, just to experience the genre of romance through the words of Rubina. So, here is an honest review of Destined.   The Blurb: Esha …

Sagar Lake in Alwar
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Sagar Lake in Alwar – An Introspective Photo Tour

Water is the elixir of life and there is no denying this. Especially, in a country like India that has been and to an extent is still dependent on the monsoon rains for its water needs. I am reminded of a shloka on Water from Rig Veda : Aapo Hishttaa Mayo-Bhuvasthaa Na Oorjey Dhadhaatana | …

VidyaGyan Bulandshahr
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VidyaGyan Bulandshahr : An Oasis Amidst The Verdant Lands Of Uttar Pradesh!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.I had an opportunity to visit VidyaGyan Bulandshahr on an invite from Shiv Nadar Foundation, in the capacity of an Education Blogger.The views being expressed in this article are solely my own. I am narrating the humbling experience that I had at VidyaGyan though the statistical data has been …

Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri
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Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri – A Stark Reminder of Power, Love and Sati

Rajasthan is all about royalty, masculine valour, Rajput war stories and a patriarchal presence.Though it also is known for its reverence to women in various divine forms, the infamous social practices of Child Marriages and Sati that once dominated the State cannot be ignored.Thankfully, these are becoming less prevalent ascribable to strict laws and wide-spread …