Book Review of An Autograph for Anjali, a romantic thriller by Sundari Venkatraman
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Book Review : An Autograph for Anjali by Sundari Venkatraman

Rich people have it all easy, Money and fame bring happiness, A marriage is sealed after one successfully overcomes the ‘seven-year itch’- are statements that people often repeat at length. But are these statements – true or a myth? An Autograph for Anjali , by Sundari Venkatraman, is an attempt to dwell upon all these …

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Finding Home by Lauren Westwood : Book Review

Finding Home by Lauren Westwood felt like the book I might relate to as I have been always interested in the vintage aspects of homes, places and things.The older the ‘period piece’ the more intriguing is the story associated. Hence, I opted for Finding Home and here is an honest review of the same. Book Title: …

The Honest Season
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The Honest Season by Kota Neelima : Book Review

Set among the power corridors of India’s capital is the book ‘The Honest Season‘, a political thriller by Kota Neelima for which this review is being written. Book Review: The Honest Season Author: Kota Neelima Total Pages: 364 Genre: Fiction/ Political Thriller Publishers: Random House India A Story Of Conscience, Truth and Consciousness   Title …