We are glad you are here. Yes! we — my family and I, for, PolkaJunction is a family run blog.

Although, it’s only me who articulates in this space through words and captures, at the heart of it, PolkaJunction is still primarily driven by my family.

Wondering how?

Well, my parents and relatives often throw in suggestions on temples to visit and places to explore. 

And, my son preps his photographic skills , while the ever hands-on husband arranges for finances and agrees willingly ( ok, a bit reluctantly) to be the chauffeur on family road-trips. 

Finally, I zero in the destination [post many weeks and sometimes months of research], and blog about it.
Therefore, in a way, we work as a team. This, in staying true to the ethos of large Indian families!

Exactly why PolkaJunction prides itself as a family travel and lifestyle blog.

We  take  pride  in  flaunting  PolkaJunction  as  a  creative  space  rooted  in  honesty,  originality  and  ethics.

PolkaJunction is a potpourri of travel and culture stories. 

Notwithstanding these, we also offer well-researched comprehensive guides and tips on family destinations, cultural sites, budget travelling and road-trips.

Of course, there is more… abundant door and architectural photographs, tips on holistic living, food stories at the intersection of local cuisine and anthropology, and elaborate recipes in case of vegetarian food.

We also cover book and hotel reviews, education-based articles, all this amidst copious amounts of filter coffee, under our lifestyle section. 


PolkaJunction is based on ingenuity and integrity


The oft posed question is to why my blog is named PolkaJunction.

And, the oft repeated answer of mine to this — “My interests are as varied as polka dots and this creative space brings together aspects closer to my heart, and hence I named it ‘PolkaJunction’. hmmm…well, actually, I love Polkadots!” 

And, why not PolkaJunction?

We've collaborated with over 60+ travel and lifestyle brands


PolkaJunction has collaborated with various Indian and international tourism boards, destination management companies, apart from numerous lifestyle and hospitality brands. 

I’ve also collaborated with educational institutions and book publishers in the capacity of an education blogger.

Do get in touch to discuss how we can work together!

Featured in various national and international publications


In the capacity of a freelance writer and blogger, my write-ups and captures have been featured and published in various national and international publications.

We are open to be invited on media trips and familiarisation tours.

I am open to interesting and challenging writing assignments and collaborations

In the capacity of a freelance writer and blogger, I am open to collaborate on challenging projects and work on writing assignments.

And, I do like to participate in FAM trips and blogger meets. Please get in touch with me on polkajunction@gmail.com for my media-kit.

Travel being a way of life, I am often on the move, packing and unpacking and shifting houses across different terrains. At times, due to connectivity issues, I may not have access to the internet.

In such a scenario, there may be a delay in response to queries. Kindly, utilize the CONTACT FORM to get in touch and I promise to respond promptly.


The USP of our work and this space, is its authenticity and the goodwill that we have gathered over the years.

Hence, we do not entertain unsolicited requests for sponsored posts and backlinks.

Also, we are a family of avid travellers and have enough content to pen from our trips. A reason why PolkaJunction isn’t open for guest-posts.



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