Indian School of Hospitality (ISH) , Gurugram – A benchmark in hospitality education, tourism and culinary arts

Indian School of Hospitality

Indian School of Hospitality(ISH) in Gurugram, India, is setting trends in the fields of hospitality and culinary arts education apart from the tourism sector, with its comprehensive curriculum and practical training methods. Here is an inside glimpse of the campus through my lens and words.

Disclaimer: This is neither a sponsored post nor a press-release. I have penned down my experience post a visit to the Indian School of Hospitality (ISH), Gurugram, upon an invitation from their management. The opinions and views expressed are from the perspective of an educator and a parent myself, who is on a constant lookout for institutions with a difference! Though, facts and figures have been provided by the ISH.


Travel and hospitality go hand-in-hand without a doubt. So does food and travel. For me, as a family traveller, I cannot travel well, think well or sleep well if the food isn’t palatable or if the property/hotel where our family is put up does not score great on hospitality and housekeeping. After all, we Indians believe in the concept of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ and consider food akin to divinity.

Indian School of Hospitality Gurugram

So, when I was invited by the Indian School of Hospitality (ISH), Gurugram, to visit their campus in the capacity of an education and travel blogger, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I was intrigued as to how ISH is different from other hotel management and hospitality institutes that churn out batches after batches of skilled youth, every year.

First impressions of the Indian School of Hospitality

Upon entry into the Indian School of Hospitality building, I was pleasantly surprised by the tastefully done interiors and the chic lobby that could put even the top luxury properties to shame. Having been used to the sombre interiors of colleges and schools as an educator, this is a definite welcome change for both students and the faculty!

Indian School of Hospitality Gurgaon

A coffee shop named ‘Delish’ adjoins the reception and these are managed by the in-house students, as a hands-on experience initiative. I found this quite intriguing and thoughtful way of practical teaching method.

I was given a guided tour of the school by Ms.Kristine Lakstutyte, Director of Marketing (Indian School of Hospitality) and she was as passionate about this one-of-a-kind educational venture as much as the founder Mr.Dilip Puri, whom I got to meet a bit later.

Why Indian School of Hospitality?

I sort of had an inkling from the word ‘go’ about why a student would choose ISH over others – the friendly ambience, experienced faculty, world-class infrastructure and a positive push that nurtures creativity and innovation. But, then, I realised that there is more to come…

A student choosing to enrol in a course at the Indian School of Hospitality is provided with an international standard of hospitality education facilitated by highly skilled faculty members as well as from regular guest lectures rendered by prominent industry figures. The institution’s curriculum is supposedly a world class one that is designed to encourage research-based learning by developing creative, innovative as well as life skills in students.

Kristina also informs me that the students who enroll in any of the four-year programmes at ISH will receive the respective degree upon graduation from Gurugram University. This results in a graduate with a bachelor’s degree from a prestigious Indian State University throwing open avenues to pursue further a career in hospitality and allied industries both in India and abroad at senior level positions. The programmes currently on offer are:

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management(Certification in Hospitality Management)

  • Bachelor of Travel & Tourism Management(Certification in Culinary Arts)

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (General)

  • Indian School of Hospitality Gurugram

Indian School of Hospitality


Indian School of Hospitality Gurugram

A rendezvous with the founder of the Indian School of Hospitality

A rendezvous with Mr.Dilip Puri, over some piping hot lip-smacking masala-chai (if I could use the term for a beverage)prepared by one of the students, gave me some more details about the origins and future plans for Indian School of Hospitality. A maverick in the field of hospitality, Mr.Puri has been a keen observer who has worked around the flip-sides seen in hospitality and hotel management institutes apart from the shortcomings in the students graduated over the years.

He informed me with pride and a glint in his eyes about Indian School of Hospitality’s recognition by the Swiss-based École hôtelière de Lausanne.

For the uninitiated, let me rephrase what the recognition means: the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne academic certification recognises best-in-class hospitality institutions in their respective country and region. Institutions certified by EHL receive continuous support in the form of periodical inputs for improvement of curriculum, teaching and content. The certified institution then becomes part of an exclusive network of leading learning centres that meet and exchange best-practices from time to time.

The EHL certification also gives ISH students the opportunity to study at other EHL certified schools across the globe, and, even complete their studies at a partner school or at an EHL group school, claims the ISH website.

Also, he stressed on the Bachelor’s Degree offered by MDU, which is like a double whammy. This method of two certifications is to ensure that students have the ability to demonstrate an exceptional grasp of a classic hospitality/culinary curriculum, as well as the international, managerial and business-focused approach.

Indian School of Hospitality ISH
The Library


Indian School of Hospitality Gurugram
Digitally equipped classrooms

Apart from the associations, he spoke about the various world-class facilities being provided at ISH and how the first batch of students (around 60) already enrolled in the courses are excited about the hands-on training and friendly facilitators.

Mr.Puri also shared details about the handful of scholarships being offered to deserving students that range from those given to students belonging to the economically less-privileged to the ones being offered to the wards of the Armed Forces. This indeed is a wonderful gesture from someone who hails from the Indian defence fraternity. You may read more about the break-up of fee and scholarships here: Financial Aid and Scholarship

Apart from these, students are also provided career guidance post successful completion of the courses, in becoming entrepreneurs and setting their own hospitality and culinary ventures.

Indian School of Hospitality Gurugram

The USP of Indian School of Hospitality

During the guided tour of the premises and some interesting discussions over food, culture and vibrancy of Hyderabad with Kristina, I could decipher the USP that is sure to drive the Indian School of Hospitality to dizzying heights in the coming years.

I am also told about the various workshops( bakery as well as culinary) that are offered by ISH over the weekends to teenagers and passionate souls. They also have summer programmes for enthusiasts and kids.

Here is a list of factors that I think are the USP of this one-of-a-kind institute

  1. World class facilities
  2. Practical training and placements
  3. The concept of facilitators over teachers
  4. Classical hospitality curriculum through Gurugram University association
  5. International exposure through the EHL association
  6. Scholarships to deserving students
  7. A corporate environment
  8. Focus on skill-development
  9. Stress on soft-skills and business communication
  10. Associations with industry experts and change-makers

Indian School of Hospitality Gurgaon

Parting Words on ISH

I was completely smitten by the professional approach of students and the management, whom I got to meet at the Indian School of Hospitality. More than the professional aspects that are the USP of this institute, I could concur that it is the ‘passion to be different and compete with the best in the world’ that drives every member associated with ISH, spearheaded by Mr.Dilip Puri. Glad to foresee a bright future for the hospitality and tourism sector in India.

Hope some of you reading about this institute would benefit from my experience of this visit to ISH. Do send in your queries and feedback. It has been my constant endeavour to focus on one-of-a-kind institutions and bring them into the limelight through my blog. And, this being associated with travel and hospitality, I was all the more enthusiastic.

You may also visit the website of Indian School of Hospitality for further details.

P.S: The photographs without watermarks have been captured by me and the rest have been provided by the management of ISH. Though, colour corrected by me.


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  1. Thanks for Sharing your deep Knowledge about hospitality management degree. Very Informative and useful information. Thanks

  2. What a gorgeous looking school! In another life I would have liked to study hospitality, seems like a great program. They have a beautiful campus too, I love the bright colors and design.

  3. India has such a vast potential in terms of tourism and only a small fraction of that has been realized. One of the important aspects for the growth of tourism is services and espesically in the hospitality sector. It is heartening to note that institutions like ISH are investing in talent who would be the future of the hospitality industry. And what a lovely campus, makes one want to go to college again!

  4. Jane Dempster-Smith

    What an amazing venue! The facilities are so advanced. Lucky students for having such a great place to study.

  5. The founder definitely has good reason to be proud of his school. I would take advantage of the opportunity to study at other EHL certified schools across the globe.

  6. Wow, loved to read something interesting and unusual on a travel blog. All of them who wants a successful career in Tourism and Hospitality section, this institute looks a great place to get training with. I loved the interiors of classrooms, reception and even the library as they are very vibrant and colorful. The kitchens look like fully functional professional ones.

  7. Since I stay in Delhi I have heard about this institute. Infact one of my neighbours is also doing a course here. He is very happy with his overall development here. Apart from the amenities the opportunities provided are also good.

  8. The institute seems to have all the needed amenities for the hospitality course. The rooms are clean and tidy and also spacious. There is enough room for students to hang out and study. The kitchen also is very clean and well-managed. I am sure students would have a great experience studying there.

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