The Varied Hues of Royal Rajasthan

Infinite mounds of fine sand, large stretches of parched lands, scanty greenery, endless mirages with hamlets of mud houses, around scattered water bodies. Isn’t this the imagery one recollects upon hearing the word ‘desert’?

Added to this imagery are the exquisite and exotic palaces of the royals, locals wearing colourful turbans called ‘pagri’, cuisines curated around the sweltering heat and scanty rainfall, and the towns, cities adorned with vibrant handicrafts. A combination of all these and more is what the colourful state of Rajasthan in India all about!

First Impressions

My journey and subsequent five long years of stay in this wonderful state started off on a shocking note, as I was used to greenery all around. From the verdant lands of Punjab, as we drove down on the ‘smooth-as-butter roads’, we could only see a large expanse of glittering golden sand, all around us. The swirling dust storm, the scorching heat, and the beautiful hamlets welcomed us into this desert state.

The soil of this land has been home to the gallant clan of Rajputs and been a silent witness to all the battles and uprisings in the name of- ‘Pride, Valour, and Throne’. Rajasthanis come across as unabashed, yet, friendly and warm people. If one wants to learn about happy minimalist survival and celebration of life, then Rajasthan is the state to visit.

The cuisines, the costumes, the everyday activities – are all adapted to the extreme climatic conditions and the availability of water across this Desert State.

The Hues….

Here are some photo shots captured across the Thar Desert, from North to the Southern-most parts of Rajasthan. These photos narrate their own tales!


The first glimpse of Rajasthan from our car as we entered the desert state after traversing the states of Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi!

The Pink City

Jaipur Royal Palace
The Mubarak Mahal inside the City Palace Jaipur welcoming the guests

Planning to visit the Amer fort? Then go through this complete guide to Amer fort, before chalking out your visit.

Choki Dhani
A glimpse of the colourful ethnic village fair at Choki Dhani in Jaipur

The Blue City

Jodhpur city
As we move south, from Jaipur, we reach the ‘Blue city’ of Jodhpur


The exquisite and majestic fort palace of Mehrangarh, Jodhpur


Did you know, that, India conducted its Nuclear Tests under wraps? And other countries got to know only when it was successful and India dutifully informed the World about using it for energy generation.

 A view of India’s Nuclear missile & Military test range at Pokhran, during the Iron Fist exercise.



Thar Desert

Camel caravans are a common sight in the Thar


Ravenous Vultures on a look out for their mid-day meal!


Finally, relishing their prey!


On a look out for life in the Thar desert!


Survival of the fittest! Is it seeking out an oasis?



Found an oasis called – Nakoda Jain Temple, near Barmer



Nakoda temple
A Hindu temple inside the Nakoda Jain Temple Complex


The famous Sam Sand dunes near Jaisalmer. We found it very crowded and littered by the tourists flocking in to catch a glimpse of the sunset



Our search for secluded and less crowded sand dunes…continues…



Mahabar Dunes
Finally, we found the Mahabar Dunes near Barmer. The villagers hold their functions and meetings near the dunes and make use of the sitting podium.


Vibrant colours

Amidst the golden hues of sand, exists, colourful lives of puppets!

Traditional dance forms

Mehrangarh Fort
The men in turbans enthralling the tourists with their dance, inside the Mehrangarh Fort


A folk dancer performing the Ghoomar

Colourful threads


Indeed, there are different hues to the Desert State of Rajasthan


Polkajunction covering the trip

Hope you enjoyed the different hues of Rajasthan, through my captures.If you are feeling  Have fun, till we embark on another journey to another place as part of this trail across ‘Vibrant India’.

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  1. I haven’t visited the places yet and these pictures want me to take the next train here. Sigh

  2. lovely introduction to Rajasthan!

  3. Your pictures are a treat! My Mum is a Rajasthani and would be so happy to see how beautifully you’ve presented her home:)

  4. I loved all the pictures and I adore Rajasthan.The palaces and colours and jewellery. Everything is beautiful

  5. Wah ! You have captured Rajasthan in a photo blog perfectly but what about the hot and spicy food ?

  6. Rajasthan is so colorful and fascinating.

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