Travel, no doubt makes one experience varied culture, art, cuisines and gives immense satisfaction. But it can also take away precious things from your life. Maybe not always but seldom it can prove to be a taker and not a giver. Who can know better about this two-faced beast called ‘travel’ than a nomad like me coming from a defence background? Isn’t it? 

Dalhousie in Himachal has been a generous giver in my case and a sense of nostalgia takes over instantly when the place gets mentioned anywhere and at any time. I could only think of this poem that I had penned last year stumbling upon a writing prompt on ‘Nostalgic’…Hope you too get to feel the magnanimity of Dalhousie and the benevolence of the place between these lines!

P.S: Pardon me if this poem reads too messy and consider this as a flow of thought from a novice!


nestled among the charming dhauladhars,
is the quaint town of Dalhousie,
infusing life and vigour into the spirits of the travellers,
when they sneak into the town looking lousy.

far away from the hustle-bustle of the plains,
time tends to stop still in this tiny town,
every other creation of god here has their own plans,
to slog as quick and hard as the slug in brown.

blessed with pines, deodars and oaks,
the charm of this place reminds one: of the English countryside,
it is for the same reason why the lord brought here his flock,
and converted this ‘nature’s gift’ to a town and took it in his stride.

the porches, the ornate entrances, the churches-
the architecture of all are remnants of colonisation.
the memory of pain and torture comes back to haunt the patriots
but then it’s time to forgive the past in this age of globalisation.

the trails to Pauloni amidst the enchanting scenery
or the mass on a sunday at st.francis in the morn,
each one is bound to be enthralled amidst this greenery
as there’s tranquillity and serenity across every corner of this town

the lore of Bose and Tagore are galore in the mall,
making every bengali take pride and flock this place.
thanks to the salubrious surroundings and its call
every nomad who wanders in is bound to get his space.

with a heavy heart as this nomad moves to another place,
I pray to god: “keep intact this town’s sanity and green space and let these buds continue to bloom across the expanse and colour this place,
after all, in the midst of the young minds at the convent, I found love and solace”.

This poem was first written for an online contest on the theme ‪#‎CityILove, as a tribute to the town which has greatly influenced and healed me with its salubrious surroundings.

The poem found a place in the Top10  entries of the contest conducted by WritersMelon.

24 thoughts on “Enchantment”

  1. I have been to this beautiful place twice, but my experience as a tourist was not that good. Coming to the place, indeed a wonderful place away from city’s chaos and hustle bustle.
    Lovely poem… such a well thought & written ode to a city. Loved it.

  2. Beautiful poem! You have succeeded in leaving that essence and spirit of the place in this poem. I crossed path with those ghat roads and steep valleys of Himachal on my trip to Manali. I was a beautiful experience!

  3. I agree with you, Meenakshi. Dalhousie is simply beautiful. We spent a great time there. Never occured to me to write a poem for it though. It is lovely!

    1. Nice to know Varsha….. I just hope someday I get to buy a house there and you can come and visit me ;)
      Thanks again for being so supportive and encouraging to me and my blog..Hugs

  4. Ah my first visit to Dalhousie and first impression was dull+lousy!!! It was years n years ago and mom took me to her college there too!! She too was disappointed with the way it had turned out; she graduated in 70-71 and hadnt been back since.
    Maybe its grown into a charming place now when you had visited! But my impression was not that great – infact I was sorely disappointed!
    Loved your poem and congrats on it making top 10

    1. Looks like your mum is an alumnus of Sacred Heart Convent where I worked as a Lecturer for a year and a half! The mountains do turn dull during certain months Shalzz… but having been to so many hill stations now, I find Dalhousie peaceful on weekdays.Weekends certainly are chaotic when the parents come visiting their wards at the boarding.

  5. Places in Himachal have the unique charm to evoke special emotions in the travellers. It’s a lovely poem. Are you a Bengali? Just curious.

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