Hearing now and always is now here- Cochlear!

“When you lose your vision, you lose contact with things. When you lose your hearing, you lose contact with people”

~Helen Keller

CochlearTM  – the global market leader in hearing solutions, is striving towards reviving the lost contacts of the hearing impaired children and the society, by bridging the gap between the two- keeping with the company’s tag line of ‘Hear now. And Always’

I had an opportunity of knowing about this wonderful Company and their hearing solutions via CochlearTM Implants, during the blogger’s meet conducted by them, here, in Delhi. This bloggers’ meet was unlike the other meets I have ever attended. We all had gathered to know and discuss a very sensitive topic. We were there at the Taj ManSingh, Delhi a few weeks ago to know and spread awareness about hearing loss and the solutions available, in our own capacity. After a brief introduction about the purpose of the meet, we were a witness to some informative yet shocking facts about ‘Hearing loss’. This presentation was given by Dr.Meenakshi – A Speech Language Therapist and Audiologist.


 Facts on ‘Hearing Loss’

  • 360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss that includes 32 million children.
  • These figures constitute 5% of the global population.
  • In India alone, 63 million people i.e., 6.3% of the population suffer from the significant hearing loss. Nearly 1 in 2 people over the age of 75 years are affected by hearing loss.
  • 80% of adults over 60 years with hearing loss are neither diagnosed nor treated. It is universal, inevitable and much undertreated.
  • Hearing loss affects all age groups and up to 5 out of every 1000 infants are born with or develop disabling hearing loss in early childhood.
  • Over 90% of deaf children are actually born to hearing parents.
  • 1.10 billion Young people worldwide are at a risk of hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices.
  • The maximum hearing loss cases are in India, with the states of Kerala and Karnataka having the highest number of cases.

I found this –Shocking! Because, I never realized about the enormity of the issue, until I got to know the staggering figures and facts.

Some of the other facts that Dr.Meenakshi shared about detecting a hearing loss and ‘Implantation’ treatment are:

  • Neonatal screening programme for hearing is a must.
  • Neuroplasticity is best if done in the first 3-4 years of the life of a child.
  • Auditory habilitation is required for at least 1-2 years, post-implantation.

This eye-opening session was followed by Dr. Someshwar Singh, Sr. Consultant – ENT & Director- Cochlear Implant Program in ENT, who stressed on the ‘Causes of Hearing loss’ and the ‘Implantation Procedure’.

Dr.Someshwar Singh

He said that the causes of hearing loss could be either Genetic or Non-Genetic that may also include Bacterial and Viral infections! He also informed us that until the year 2010, the estimated total cochlear implant recipients are 1,80,000 individuals worldwide. However, in India, fewer than 1,000 in under 4 age group are estimated to have received the Cochlear implants.

How is the implant done?

  1. The skin is slit behind the head
  2. The implant is fixed
  3. The skin is sealed now
  4. The processor is fixed behind the ear

How does the Implant work?

A new processor with special features has been introduced by Cochlear recently and is called the KansoTM. I am sure through bloggers, their friends, and family, an awareness is created and many more children will get the benefit of ‘Kanso’.

Working of Cochlear implant

So, what is a Kanso?

Kanso is Cochlear’s newest processor that is easy to use, discreet and smart! Take a look at this ‘wonder’ device in the photo below. 


Is that Brett Lee?

Bret Lee
Bret Lee

What is he doing here? Well, Lee has been associated with Cochlear for a few years now, and he was at the meet in the capacity of a ‘Global Hearing Ambassador of Cochlear’. He is helping to raise awareness through the Campaign called #SoundsofCricket. He has visited not just India but many more countries across the globe to help people travel the journey from silence to sounds.

His association with Cochlear started when his son lost his hearing for a couple of months due to an accident. Upon, searching the internet, Lee came across the Cochlear hearing solutions and got in touch with them. Luckily, his sons hearing came back naturally and a cochlear implant wasn’t needed for his son. Since then he has been associated with Cochlear.

Brett says he feels privileged to know that he can bring a change and a smile to many innocent and deserving faces.

Sharing of experiences

We – bloggers, also interacted with Smriti, who had her first Cochlear implant at the age of 4 ½ years. We got to know that she also had a Bilateral Cochlear Implant that had a positive impact on her life. It was so heart-warming to watch and hear Smriti- speak about her happiness and first experience upon hearing!

As I conclude this post on this informative blogger’s meet with a difference, I would like to list few things for my readers:

  • 60 % of hearing loss is preventable if hearing tests are done on time.
  • Timely follow up of Immunizations, healthy ear and hearing care habits will prevent a hearing loss, for sure.

Get in touch with me or Cochlear for further information- if you want to bring about happiness in someone’s life through this hearing solution.

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