Airavateswara Temple at Darasuram : A Chola repository of micro carvings and sculptures – Part 2

Airavateswara Temple at Darasuram is a Chola repository of micro carvings and sculptures. For first-timers who are visiting this temple, it could be a bit daunting and overwhelming as to where and what to look, which sculpture to ponder over and which to give a miss, as it happened in my case. These two posts, …


Havelis of Kajra , Jhunjhunu – Gateway to Shekawati Region in Rajasthan

A casual conversation at a heritage property in Surajgarh we were staying in, led us to a quick morning trip to Kajra in Jhunjhunu,Rajasthan. Passing countless acres of rugged land filled with succulents and shrubs, trudging uphill bumpy roads that levelled at times and wading through narrow lanes , brought us face to face with …

TajMahal at Agra – A different perspective through my lens

The TajMahal at Agra does not cease to mesmerize tourists and travellers from around the world. The same holds good for us Indians too, as I am back from my fifth trip to the Taj. Old monuments and buildings fascinate me to no end since my childhood and so do the doors and windows.I keep …

Dalhousie Dainkund Peak

Dalhousie to Dainkund – Experience The Never Ending Musical Notes of the Singing Hills

I was composing the blog post on the mesmerizing Bhool Bhulaiyya of Lucknow, yesterday, and was reminded of our trek from Dalhousie to Dainkund and return across the Singing Hills of Chamba(Himachal Pradesh).The path through the woods was haphazard, brimming with possibilities of getting lost and gave us a sense of accomplishment upon reaching the …

Dalhousie Snowfall

Dalhousie Snowfall : Memories of The White Carpet in 30 photos

I am sure a person who has been born and brought up in a place that is dry and humid with a blazing hot sun as a lifelong companion can understand the inexplicable yearning to experience the snowfall. But then, I never knew that one day rather for two winters, I would experience and admire the snow in this way!!!