Sidhbari – A Spiritual Retreat in the lap of Dhauladhars near Dharamshala

Cloistered away from the sight of tourist madhouse is a quaint town named Sidhbari, near Dharamshala. Often ignored by commercial tour agencies who savour on listicles, Sidhbari is thankfully a bit far from famous tourist triangle of Mc-Leodganj- Triund- Dharamshala. Many decades ago, a Hindu monk too was enchanted by this town (which then, was …


Dalhousie – Bakrota Hill that connects Bengal and Himachal

Living in the mountains amidst the thick growth of pines, deodars, rhododendrons, spruce and other flora and fauna interspersed with wooded trails is in itself a meditative and a medicative process. More so for urban dwellers who find themselves surrounded by greenery all of a sudden. The great poet and Nobel Laureate Shri Rabindranath Tagore and …



Travel, no doubt makes one experience varied culture, art, cuisines and gives immense satisfaction.But it can also take away precious things from your life. Maybe not always but seldom, it can prove to be a taker and not a giver. Who can know better about this two-faced ‘Travel’ than a nomad like me coming from …

Dalhousie Dainkund Peak

Dalhousie to Dainkund – Experience The Never Ending Musical Notes of the Singing Hills

I was composing the blog post on the mesmerizing Bhool Bhulaiyya of Lucknow, yesterday, and was reminded of our trek from Dalhousie to Dainkund and return across the Singing Hills of Chamba(Himachal Pradesh).The path through the woods was haphazard, brimming with possibilities of getting lost and gave us a sense of accomplishment upon reaching the …

Enchanting trek across DK

“Climb mountains not so the world can see you but because you can see the world.” I love escaping into the wilderness of the mountain ranges. The snow capped mountains of Himachal are very special. They humble me with their magnificence , reverberate positive vibes and engulf the wanderer in me with their benevolence. During …

Dalhousie Folklore : Conquering the witches of Dainkund- Himachal

Conquering the untameable is often seen as the will of the mightiest. And, this holds true when we hear the innumerable folklore that sing the praises of the Mighty, making them – immortal among the mortals. The mountains are always full of mystic folklore and the people here, have their own set of beliefs and …

Dalhousie Snowfall

Dalhousie Snowfall : Memories of The White Carpet in 30 photos

I am sure a person who has been born and brought up in a place that is dry and humid with a blazing hot sun as a lifelong companion can understand the inexplicable yearning to experience the snowfall. But then, I never knew that one day rather for two winters, I would experience and admire the snow in this way!!!