Russia guide

Russia Travel Tips : A beginner’s travel guide to Russia – Part 1

A comprehensive travel guide for first-timers who are planning a Russia trip, especially from India. With tips on the right season to planning a visit to Russia, useful information and official links to obtain a tourist voucher as well as a Russian visa; suggestions around a two-weeks Russia itinerary along with a sample itinerary; this is a one-stop Russia travel guide to begin planning that much-awaited trip of yours to Russia.

Avani Pattaya Resort and Spa

5 reasons to stay at Avani Pattaya Resort and Spa on a family vacation to Thailand

Avani Pattaya Resort and Spa is a unique destination for a family stay, on a trip to Pattaya in Thailand. Pattaya is the most favoured destination for travellers coming from around the world to Thailand. It would be surprising for many to read that there is more to Pattaya beyond the entertainment street, and, that, …

Chantaboon Waterfront Community in Thailand – A melting pot of multiple cultures

With European homes, quirky cafes, vibrant street art and smiling people, the Chantaboon waterfront community can lure any visitor who loves old world charm. A smiling old lady welcomes and offers me a local delicacy wrapped in a conically shaped leaf as I enter the one-kilometre stretch of the Chantaboon waterfront community. I politely refuse …

Karen Tribes in Chiang Mai

The Karen Tribes in Chiang Mai : Friendship over Candied Fruit Peel in Thailand

As the World celebrates another Women’s Day with much fanfare, here is a tribute to the Karen Tribes in Chiang Mai and scores of women who go through the journey of ‘Life’ all silently with great resilience, across various households, from posh homes to refugee camps. Each one’s struggle may be different but the struggle invariably …