‘Cashify’ eases the workload of not just people on Earth but celestial beings, too!


Disclaimer: All characters and incidents in this blog post are co-incidental and fictional. I can’t help if you are offended though there is nothing in this write-up that is offensive. Most of the works of fiction start with a disclaimer, so thought will give one  :p

 One night after unsuccessful attempts at disposing of my old mobile and being humiliated, I was contemplating my next move to gather some money for the new mobile. Soon, I was pulled into a deep slumber just past midnight and was transferred to an unknown land in my dreams.

Cashify.in polkajunction
The entrance to Yamlok

It was dark, gory with skeletons all around. I was scared but then soon calmed down as I eavesdropped on a conversation and my old mobile showed the GPS location and recognised the faces of people.

GPS location: Yamlok 

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God of Death is taking an update of the day’s feed from his assistant and accountant Chitragupt.

Chitragupt (Chitru) reads out the list of living beings that are about to die.

Chitragupt *nodding his head in exasperation*: Lord, the list for today includes loads of mobiles, animals and a dozen humans who are going die due to the bursting of mobile batteries.

Yama: What? How come non-living things like mobiles are in the list, Chitru? Isn’t this out of our area of expertise?

Chitru: I understand Lord. I spoke regarding this to the youngest and lastest department at the netherworld that handles the death of inanimate things like mobiles and computers. They requested us to handle the extra load they have been experiencing suddenly.

Yama: Suddenly? How ? These mortals have indeed become a nuisance to us celestials. Now, we have to keep an account of the deaths of these gadgets too. I need to speak about this with that youngster Lord Intelli.  Gor Kaliyug!

Chitru: True, Lord! I have been working overtime for the last few years. No, I am not complaining. Just wanted to bring this to your notice.

Yama: Chitru, you just need an opportunity to complain about work and pay. Now, will you tell me the reason for the sudden influx of workload?

Chitru ( blushing): I am not complaining, Lord.You do take care of me well unlike other managers of other departments.

Yama ( raising his voice): If you please stop working towards your appraisal then we can go ahead and solve this gadget nuisance.

polkajunction.com cashify
Chitragupt giving a detailed account of deaths according to time.

Chitru: Pardon me, my Lord. Let me give you the whole scenario. You know how technology has swept over Earth. The mortals may not have the required roof or food or cloth to cover their body but have a mobile, nowadays. We celestial beings have had this touch-technology for millions of yug now and we tried to not use chemicals in the making of gadgets. We service them with the Somras occasionally. Since the humans do not know our secret technology of making gadgets nor PushpakVimanas, they end up making everything with chemicals and metals that result in polluting and harming Mother Earth.

Some materials like copper, aluminium, palladium, gold and silver that are used in making these gadgets are useful while harmful substances like cadmium, lead and mercury are the ones that cause a wreck. When these harmful substances end up in the soil, they emit toxic fumes slowly.Gradually, the soil becomes toxic too and in turn, harms the environment. Look at the pile of electronic items, Lord!

Yama: Oh Gosh! So, you say that we need to destroy these gadgets to rejuvenate Mother Earth?

Chitru: We may not be able to destroy all the gadgets as they have become an important element of human life. However, what humans can do is recycle these gadgets when they reach the end of their life.

Yama: Similar to how we recycle the Souls of humans. Correct?

Chitru: Exactly, my Lord. You can never go wrong.

Yama: So, have the humans already started this recycling?

Chitru: Yes, my Lord.

Yama: How are they doing it without the help of our department?

ChitruThe earthlings have started using Cashify.in to dispose of their old gadgets like phones, laptops, tabs etc.,

Yama: Chitru, how do you know all this? I have been living oblivious of the happenings on Earth, lately. There is too much of workload due to terrorism and global warming.Grrrr!

Chitru: Lord, of course, of course. We both have been busy. I learnt about all this through a Tech-geek who withered away selling his organs to buy a new mobile. Remember the very cliché and boring memes that go around before the launch of a new version of mobiles of a brand? Looks like this man took the memes seriously!

Yama: Poor chap! But then, weren’t you mentioning about some Cashify to sell old phones? Did not he use it to gather some money?

Chitru: He was unaware of Cashify when he sold his organ. Ironically, his blogger friend informed about this wonderful site just minutes after he sold one of his Kidneys and was still in the hospital. By then it was too late as his vitals started going down and he quickly made it to our list. He has been crying and pleading since he came here, begging for one more chance to live!

Yama: Hmmm..We shall think about it later. Now, tell me how this Cashify works. I am curious and excited as I feel that this site is going to reduce our workload of keeping a tab on dead mobiles.

Chitru: Lord, I feel their motto of ‘One man’s waste could be another’s resource’  is similar to what we do at Yamlok *chuckles* ‘One dead man’s Soul could be another’s life’ hahaha…

*Opens the organic laptop. Goes to https://www.cashify.in and shows a video*

Chitru:  Yama Raj…Why don’t we give that Geek, a wild-card entry to this reality show called Life?

Yama: Haha…Don’t you think many such wild-card requests would come up after this? He is paying for his past sins.Remember, that he was disposing the old phones carelessly and harming the environment.

Chitru: Indeed. But, you are aware of the mobiles that have piled up due to careless disposal on Earth. And, I was thinking about selling them off on ‘Cashify.in’ and utilizing the money to revamp our Yamlok. We can send this man to Earth with all the electronic items that have made their way here due to the negligence of earthlings. We will depute this geek to dispose of the electronic wastes on Cashify, as and when they pile up. Since they have a free pickup from Delhi and other cities but not Yamlok, he can be used as our representative on earth.This way, he will be indebted to us for his life and will also serve our purpose. And guess what, our workload too would reduce. This is just a suggestion, my Lord. The decision is all yours!

Yama: Excellent idea, Chitru. Also, this could be used as an endeavour to boost our CSR activity! I can already visualize the Mother Earth being rejuvenated by the 3R – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

cashify.com polkajunction
A rejuvenated Earth!


Just as I was trying to get a glimpse of the Geek, the alarm rang and I had to come out of my dreamland. Well, trying to sell an old phone is painful, cumbersome, mind-numbing and a big torture and no less than the ordeals that we have read about going through in hell. And guess what, I have always got answers for my solutions in my dreams and I am glad that I learnt about Cashify, at last!

Also, that morning I opened their website and blog to read the details.

Cashify.in is indeed a boon for people who want to sell their old mobile phones and other gadgets for a reasonable price and not get mocked.By the way, did I tell you that when I went to sell my old mobile, the shopkeeper mocked at me saying, ‘You will just get moongphalli for this’ and I angrily replied, ‘Rot in hell’!

Readers of this blog can utilize the coupon code CLEANCASH to get an additional Rs.250/- on the sale of your gadgets. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Cheers …. :)



This post has been written for a contest conducted by IndiBlogger in collaboration with Cashify.in

Images’ Source: Pixabay

Some pics have been edited by me on Canva

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  1. JayanthyGovindarajan (@JayanthyG)

    This is such an entertaining post Meenakshi! I am sure this will be the top read and enjoyed post by everyone who read it. What an idea sir ji!!

  2. I like the line, “The morals may not have the required roof…” So true. Sailing to remote islands I found families with a cell phone and no electricity to charge it unless they rowed a canoe to a passing boat. Perhaps it was their connection to a larger world.

  3. This is Hilarious Meenakshi & at the same time drives home the message so well. I also discovered the fiction writer in you through this.

  4. Hey Meenakshi, your post is a superb one and it inspires me to write fictional blog posts whenever I get the opportunity. You’ve got some superb ideas for writing this post, and I hope I too will come up with more amazing ideas like this one.

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