Naad Wellness – For a sound mind, body and soul

best wellness resorts in India

India has always been the hub of Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga, since ancient times; while holistic wellness has been the core of our every-day living pattern of us Indians. That the western world has woken up to the wonders of integrated living is a much recent development.

Thanks to the ever-increasing lifestyle diseases and ailments, and, a surge in disposable income of the millennials, we are often always on a look-out for getaways that offer relaxation, a break from the mundane apart from detox and rejuvenation.

Capitalizing on this need is the luxury wellness segment in India, that has often proved to be a dent in the pockets of its customers by overlooking the much-compromised parameter of ‘value for money’.

So, when I received an invite to experience the services and hospitality of Naad Wellness, I expected it to be another of those high-end luxury resorts in India, that also boasts of a spa thrown in, with a couple of Ayurveda treatments.

However, what I didn’t know then was that Naad Wellness takes its endeavour of holistic well-being seriously. And, a three-day stay at this best luxury wellness resort in India (no, I am not being preferential) was all I needed to eat my words.

Naad Wellness – One of the best luxury wellness resorts in India

So, here I bare open my thoughts on Naad Wellness retreat at Kundli in Haryana, on the outskirts of India’s capital, and an hour’s drive from Delhi. Let me I also explain the facilities provided by Naad Wellness, the treatments that I underwent and are on offer at Naad, and why a wellness sojourn is a must for a sound you!

best wellness resorts in India
The lounge at Naad Wellness
best wellness resorts in India
The facade
best wellness resorts in India
The interiors

What to expect at Naad Wellness

On the day of arrival : a traditional reception, refreshing welcome drink, signing of the mandatory papers of concern with a quick verification of identity, heralded my entry into a world of Naad Experience, away from the urban chaos of the mundane.

A diligent and purposeful doctor consultation with the very knowledgeable Dr. Sreelakshmi, made me aware of the limitations of my body, my oversight and how little we women invest in healthy living, often taking it for granted.

I was now eagerly looking forward to the three days of Naad experience, especially after the feedback on my health status.

Soon, I was ushered inside my room, that ended up being my zone of Zen at Naad Wellness for the next three days. I did like the silence that pervaded the room with a piece of faint music permeating from corridors. It definitely was a welcome break from the sounds of chaotic Delhi.

But then at times, it did prove to be overwhelming, as ‘high-decibels’ have sadly become a part of our urban lives and I felt lost in the numbness of silence.

The rooms were impeccably chic yet earthy, with no-television sets, sleek and functional washrooms and an airy attached balcony. Provided with a new pair of crisp, white kurta-pyjama every day to wear inside the premises, I found the packed clothes that I brought from home, useless. Though, occasionally, I did wear them [ getting a proper fit for my size is always an issue, and, the trend continued at Naad Wellness too].

best wellness resorts in India

Food for the soul at Naad Wellness

The tweaks to my lifestyle done by Naad Wellness, could be witnessed from the word go. But little did I anticipate, that the next three days at one of the best luxury wellness resorts in India was going to be a lifestyle-changing experience.

The conclusions from my body analysis had already reached the interiors of their kitchen- Aahara, and, the Chef had dutifully prepared my lunch according to the requirements of my body. Every meal is curated individually based on a diet chart, prepared by the chef in consultation with the doctor.

Beginning with a plateful of colourful salad followed by lip-smacking Almond Spinach soup( highly recommended) and wholesome portion-controlled Indian dishes, I thought it was a lavish spread for someone who is on the higher end of the scale. But, it wasn’t until dinner that I was proven wrong.

Dinner wasn’t heavy rather it was filled with soups and salads, while on other days we were served a moong cheela as part of the third course. The food on your plate, as informed earlier depends on the results of one’s body analysis.

best wellness resorts in India
Good to start with a plate of salad
Wellness food
The yummylicious Almond-Spinach soup
Best wellness food at Naad
One of those sleek lunches
Best wellness food
A wholesome-healthy spread for lunch

A quick siesta followed my lunch on Day 1 paved way to my very first session of pampering with the Ayurvedic Abhyanga.

At Naad Wellness, each guest is given a new set of massage garments prior to every massage session. These garments are placed in the rooms during housekeeping services. So, do not be surprised if you find a new pair in your closet!

Accompanied by a massage therapist, I was taken through the rear end of the corridors straight to the therapy rooms. The layout of the guest rooms and therapy rooms are such that it does not intrude with the privacy of the guests while attending therapy sessions.

I realized from my very first therapy that to get the maximum benefit out of these ancient therapeutic massages, one needs to just follow the instructions of the therapist. Post-therapy, and, an hour of rest, and soon, it was time for a refreshing therapy drink, followed by the evening Yoga session.

best wellness resorts in India
The aromatherapy room

The therapies are based on the chosen package that also depends on the room opted for. So, if one opts for Naad experience( as was in my case), I can choose the room at my discretion, but the type of therapy and cost again depends on the room and the number of days of stay.

Whatever be the package, usually it comes with one major therapy of 60mins and minor therapy of 30mins, with a complimentary Himalayan Salt Cave experience ( curative therapy packages may differ) I highly recommend experiencing the salt cave at least once!

Each of the therapists have magic in their hands and by the end of every session, one feels lighter and more energetic, relieved of pain from even the remotest of the muscles.

The Himalayan Salt Cave at Naad
The Himalayan Salt Cave therapy room

The morning schedule for the next two days was more or less the same with 15min of oil-pulling, followed by a refreshing drink and then an hour of scheduled Yoga with the kriyas.

Yoga instructor, Khushboo, is a highly skilled and patient lady with an ever-smiling cheerful outlook who makes sure to guide the guests through every posture with ease.

best wellness resorts in India
The breathtaking yoga hall! (literally)
best wellness resorts in India
The view from the yoga hall

A stroll in the beautifully curated lawns and a relaxing walk around the property proved to be as therapeutic as the massages. One can also opt to use the temperature-controlled swimming pool or the plunge pool on the first floor as part of evening relaxation.

best wellness resorts in India
Path to holistic living
best wellness resorts in India
A night view of the swimming pool at Naad

Mr. Sahajan, chef, and the brain behind ‘nutritive and appealing’ food on my plate during my stay at Naad, is a man with a Midas touch. He superbly churns out the tastiest of dishes by effortlessly integrating the goodness of the otherwise bland millets.

His mantra was using organic jaggery, minimal spices and condiments when it came to the preparation of my diet. A reason why the taste of the Ragi halwa still lingers on…

best wellness resorts in india
Ragi Halwa – A dessert made of finger millets

My thoughts on Naad Wellness

The initial day or two at Naad Wellness resort, definitely threw me off-guard. A change in routine, the inclusion of never-eaten ingredients, no-caffeine diktat, regular yoga sessions did irk me.

Being a caffeine addict, I did have an issue with just drinking warm infused water and green/herbal teas. For, tea and coffee are a strict no at Naad Wellness and they do not serve it either.

I started experiencing headaches as part of withdrawal symptoms and the in-house doctor made sure to periodically check on me even at odd-hours of her working. But then, these very same symptoms made me resolve to stick to the no-coffee/tea routine with vengeance and I’ve successfully managed to keep the caffeine at bay until now. And, no, I didn’t throw tantrums at the centre. Promise :D

best wellness resorts in India
The well-stocked restrooms

The rooms, amenities and the packages are top-class : with Naad Wellness being one of the best luxury wellness resorts in India. However, in my personal opinion, bathtubs in a country like India is blasphemy.

Himalayan Salt Cave
Himalayan Salt Cave

The ayurvedic therapies at Naad Wellness aren’t the usual massages, but use the best of ingredients and expertise. They are taken quite seriously by the therapists and they put in their best during the massage sessions.

Some massages like dhanyamladhara can prove to be quite tiring to the body, as it was in my case. Though, I found it to be one of the most effective massages for my medical conditions. Excellent therapies and therapists, I must say!

best wellness resorts in India
Vibrancy is wholesome!

A holistic approach to well-being from massages to food, a pervading calmness across the property supported by yoga sessions saw to it that I didn’t crave for gadgets.

I seem to have willingly submitted myself to be in a zone of Zen by the third day, and, actually started enjoying the wholesome food that was served. I guess, this is what one means by a lifestyle change and not through fad diets and supplements.

best wellness resorts in India
Abundant lung space in the corridors
best wellness resorts in India
Abundant greenery
best wellness resorts in India
The path to a sound you!

If living amidst a soothing ambience, eye-pleasing greenery, impeccable hospitality and healthy sattvic food would do wonders, then Naad Wellness has to be the place to recuperate and relax. Highly recommended!

best wellness resorts in India
The lawn with a podium for Aerial Yoga

Disclaimer: I was hosted by Naad Wellness on a familiarization trip to the place. However, the views expressed in this write-up are my own and not influenced by the hosts. The therapies and results may vary based on the medical condition of the individual.


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Naad Wellness - A boutique luxury wellness centre in India #Asia #India #Wellness #luxury #Luxurylifestyle #Ayurveda #Resort #Naturopathy #yoga
Naad Wellness - A boutique luxury wellness centre in India #Asia #India #Wellness #luxury #Luxurylifestyle #Ayurveda #Resort #Naturopathy #yoga

10 thoughts on “Naad Wellness – For a sound mind, body and soul”

  1. Naad Wellness appears to be an excellent vacation destination! Thank you for sharing; I’ll think about staying there when I visit India.

  2. Wow! What an incredible retreat! I have often thought that our “next vacation” should be a wellness retreat. I will put this on the list! Thank you!

  3. This little piece of heaven is only an hours drive from Delhi? Wow. I would love to get away from the chaos of the busy city, and the ‘high decibel’ sounds, like you mention, into this Wellness Resort. Naad Wellness sounds like a great place to relax and a weekend getaway makes sense. My parents live in Delhi and this is something I can suggest to them- they’re always looking for ideas. The Himalayan Salt Cave Experience sounds super cool by the way! I will suggest they take the room with the Naad Experience.

  4. It is true that some time of relaxation and wellness is required in today’s fast-paced and stressful world. Naad Wellness looks like a great place to get those required things. The place looks serene, just what you need for relaxation. There is so much greenery all around. The food looks delicious too (and nutricious also). This seems to be a great place for pampering yourself!

  5. Wow- this sounds like an incredible, relaxing experience. I would love to experience the healing environment here. How wonderful that meals are cooked specifically for you, for your body’s needs. Thank you for sharing about this wonderful center! I’m inspired to look into similar places where I live, and I will definitely keep this particular place in mind when I travel to India.

  6. Your post brings back healing memories. I came back rejuvenated and painless. The food is so good. The routine marvellous. And the ragi halwa absolutely must make at home. I became disciplined about warm milk at night too. Really a woonderful healing place for everyone.

  7. I’m obsessed with this place! I love their holistic take on wellness – that’s how I try to live my day to day life but it can be hard while on the road! And I love the healthy food options available there. It can be so hard to stay healthy with food while on the road, but not here! I’m afraid if I visited here that I’d never want to leave!

  8. Wow, I really didn’t expect to find a place like this in Haryana. The interior is just lovely, the views of the surroundings are stunning and the food looks amazing too. When was this place opened?

  9. Omg! I am just dying to have a pampering session like this! Naad sounds just awesome! The ambience, food, massages and therapies all sound so wonderful! You would have felt so great, I can just imagine! Actually we must make it a point to regularly have such healthy getaways instead of going for the usual sightseeing holidays we undertake. Wonderful place, beautifully covered by you!

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