Dalhousie Snowfall

Dalhousie Snowfall : Memories of The White Carpet in 30 photos

I am sure a person who has been born and brought up in a place that is dry and humid with a blazing hot sun as a lifelong companion can understand the inexplicable yearning to experience the snowfall. But then, I never knew that one day rather for two winters, I would experience and admire the snow in this way!!!

Book Review The House That BJ Built

Book Review : The House That BJ Built -Polkajunction

Anuja Chauhan and her previous works -‘The Zoya Factor’ & ‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls’ have been chart-busters for quite some time. However, my bad, that I never managed to finish any of those books, barring ‘The House That BJ Built’ and here is the book review for the same: Book Review: The House That BJ Built …

Know me better…..

Know me better…..

Welcome to Meenakshi’s – Polkajunction

Grab a cup of hot (filter) coffee , make yourself cosy and read along, as I become noisy..

Polkajunction is a potpourri of all things that are amazing and hold my interest- from books to reviews, travelogues to experiences, cultures to customs and all things that draw my attention, inspires and excites me.

Liked the blog name? ‘Polkajunction’? : Well,this blog is named ‘Polkajunction’ as it brings together my interests that are varied much like the polka dots.

My interests : I am a foodie, traveller, chocoholic, avid book reader who loves cooking, exploring new places, baking, calligraphy, interior decoration, painting, greeting card making and who loves her kidoo and her Super Large joint Family to the moon and back. 

Books : I love reading Mythological and Psychological thrillers, Classics , Comics , Contemporary Romances and Historical fictions.

Sports : A big fan of Rahul Dravid , Steffi Graf , Andre Agassi and Viswanathan Anand, I make sure to watch and follow the happenings in the Sports World whenever time permits!

I am a hard-core ‘Hyderabadi’ at heart though my roots are some where deep down in Tamil Nadu, India. Now, I am more of a nomad thanks to my husband’s job! I have dabbled successfully in many professions and areas of study from IT to Corporate to Social Service to Education. I call myself a ‘Jill of all trades’ and a Master of One!

Answering the innumerable questions of my kiddo, packing and moving places, delivering lectures, quizzing etc.,. keeps me sane!