Adventures of the ‘Famous Two’

Story telling is the oldest form of education while imagination and creativity bring out the best in children. And the Colgate Packs encourage the same.Wondering, how? Well, read on…..

The new ‘Colgate Family Packs’ have got three different sets of stories based on the theme of ‘Magical Space’ consisting of astronauts, aliens, space ,mars et al. printed on the packs. I was sent three packs with three different story-lines and characters by Colgate through BlogAdda to weave #ColgateMagicalStories.

My 10 year old son – ‘S’ was excited about knitting a story , connecting the characters of all the three packs together and ended up writing it within a couple of hours. Of course,we took time to cut out the various characters and settings printed on the packs, while sharing some very useful facts with him. What he really loved doing, apart from cutting out the colourful characters was- reading out the informative facts printed on the packs! Here, S presents a story titled by him as ‘The Adventures of the Famous Two’ and I am blogging my #ColgateMagicalStories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.

My son has named the Brother-Sister duo of the story as Varun & Shreya (S is a huge fan of Varun Dhawan). I have not edited the written part much, as this is a fun activity for kids!

The Adventures of the Famous Two : In the Magical Space


Varun and Shreya love Adventures.They love reading, trekking and dreaming about travelling wider into space and meeting the aliens and having them as friends some day!

Chapter 1 : Space Launch

On a Thursday, the Principal announced that the school is planning to take the students to the planetarium on an educational trip.Hearing this,Varun,Shreya and all the students are excited.

Next day, they are taken to the planetarium by the school bus. Varun and Shreya love the planetarium and science museum.They enthusiastically watch the show on Space Travel in the planetarium. The two participate and try all the exhibits in the museum with a lot of excitement.There, the duo win the Quiz competition conducted by ‘Colgate Space Agency’.Both are thrilled to win books and a trophy as their Prize.But little did they know that a surprise was awaiting for them the next day.

Friday morning brought in surprises for Varun and Shreya in the form of a phone call.The caller from the ‘Colgate Space agency’ informs that the duo has been selected for a ‘Space Trip’. Excitedly,Varun says , “Thank You.When should we come and where?”. The caller says, “You should come tomorrow. Do not worry, our car will come to pick both of you”. When the call was over, Varun tells about the trip to Shreya and both of them jumping with excitement inform their parents. Later, they run to their rooms and start packing their things.

The next day, a car awaits them in the ‘Shiny Teeth Street’, nearby to Varun and Shreya’s house.The two keep their things in the car, sit inside and the car whooshes…..They then reach the Space Agency and see that the Manager is waiting outside for them.He receives them saying,”Welcome to the Colgate Space Agency.Your rocket will take off at 12 noon. So, be ready”.

At 12′ o clock , the two get inside the rocket and the countdown begins :  10,9,8….7…..6……..1…Zoom!

And then the rocket used much fuel and energy,polluting the air a little.But, as the rocket zooms out of the planet Earth, Varun and Shreya enjoy the moments and look at our planet from Space! The Earth looked beautiful and they hope it remains the same without pollution and Global Warming.

Chapter 2: Alien Planet

Varun and Shreya see another Space Shuttle as they fly in space. They press a button inside their shuttle to scan the other spaceship.It scanned and the result showed that there was an alien inside the ship.After some hours, they land on Mars.The two come out of the shuttle and look around.It is a red planet! The two recollect what they were taught at the Space Agency.

  • Mars is known as the ‘red planet’.It has iron oxide on its surface.
  • Rover is a space exploration vehicle that moves across a planet’s surface.
  • Imaginary beings that may exist on other planets are called Aliens.
  • Aliens are said to travel in Unidentified Flying Objects called UFOs

Excitedly, the two set foot on the planet and take samples using machines.Then they return inside the spaceship after having left a robot controlled by the Colgate Space Agency on the planet. The rocket takes off and on the way they see an alien.This time the Alien speaks to them and asks them to use Colgate or there will be no tooth left! Hearing this, Varun and Shreya laugh uncontrollably.They assure the alien that they will not end up toothless as they have been using Colgate on Earth too!

Chapter 3: Space Walk

Once inside the spaceship, they go through the information on the screen.There were lots of interesting facts about Space Travel and Planets. Varun and Shreya start reading them inquisitively as they had to brace themselves for a ‘Space Walk’.

Amazing Facts:
  • Space Suits provide astronauts with oxygen to breathe in outer space.
  • Astronauts are trained to work without gravity in space.
  • A space suit weighs 127 kg with 13 layers of material!
  • Space stations allow you to live and work in Earth’s orbit.
  • About 3/4th of the Sun’s mass is Hydrogen,the rest is mostly Helium.

Having quickly gone through the information on their screens, the two come out of the space ship for a space walk.They see planet Venus rotating in the opposite direction to most of the other planets.They also witness a comet that had a tail of dust and ice-crystals, zooming past them.The space looks black like a huge ‘Cavity’ and they are literally floating and suspended! The two are too excited and amused.

As they return to Earth, a meteoroid comes crashing onto their space shuttle and misses hitting it by a whisker. But Varun says that we earthlings are safe, as a layer called ‘Mesosphere’ protects us from meteoroid hits!

Finally, the two land safely and the manager thanks both of them for the successful mission. They return home and share the exciting mission details with their parents,family and friends.

The next day, the two go to school and they are hailed as ‘Achievers’ by their teachers.When Varun and Shreya return home in the evening,there is a person waiting for both of them. He asks the ‘Famous Two’ to get ready for their next mission!

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