“ He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left.”

~ A Chinese Proverb

 I have been so intrigued by China , its culture , its traditions , its magnificent monuments since childhood that I have nurtured a secret desire to visit this ‘Land of Thunder Dragon’ for a long time now. China, being a huge country has a lot to offer to its tourists and wanderlusts like me. I am of the opinion that one cannot actually do justice to this beautiful land on a short trip.

So, the best option would be a long and sluggish trip journeying across this magnificent country and this is precisely how I am planning to explore China and like the above proverb goes, I may return as an enlightened person with loads of stories to share, too!

China contains a large number of wonderful attractions including antique sites, magnificent palaces, fragile water towns, breath-taking natural wonders, wide cultural heritage and diversified customs. It would take a fairly long amount of time to cover all these attractions but here are the top five reasons why tourists must visit China

The Natural Wonders

China has got several natural wonders to lay eyes on from the Yangtze gorges, the Taklamakan and Gobi deserts to the Hainan’s tropical beaches and forests. Its aesthetic beauty is beyond compare to other Asian countries, or even the countries of the world. The beautiful views will leave one breathless at its natural growth.

The diverse landscapes will let you escape your mind and take in what China has to offer its tourists and locals alike. If you are a nature lover who drools over beautiful landscapes, China is one place where you should be heading!

Architectural Beauties

Apart from the natural beauty of the country of China, the man-made wonders do not cease to amaze people all over the world. First comes the Great Wall of China that can be seen from space!

An entire day at one of the Seven Wonders of the World is not enough for one to cover the entire Wall. Followed by this are other architectural feats such as the canals and the giant Buddhas.

While you in Beijing, make it a point to visit “Temple of Heaven” for its peaceful ambiance as well as architectural beauty.


Modern Development alongside Deep-Rooted Tradition

China goes back a long way when it comes to rich history. The Middle Kingdom, Terracotta Warriors, The Temple of Heaven and The Forbidden City are just a few places that a tourist must visit for a full experience of China’s past. China’s culture is extremely rooted in the country’s traditions and customs.


However, when it comes to keeping up with globalisation, China isn’t far behind. In fact, China encompasses some of the world’s largest cities like Shanghai that can freely gloat about their vast skylines and high rise buildings such as the Bund.


It doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket!
Travelling in China is cheaper than most people think. It’s extremely easy to keep your costs low while backpacking in China. One can have a look online and you will notice that the accommodation prices are not expensive at all. Transportation within China is cheap as well with public transport such as the subway.

The food, which is extremely diverse, is also pretty cheap, especially the street food. Disregard all the Chinese food you’ve had in your hometown, because that’s not really authentic Chinese food. The local delicacies are affordable and filling in China.

Queer Market with Varied Products

We’ve always bought products that said Made in China and wondered about all the things we could buy in a Chinese Market. Fine silks, exquisite China tea sets, intricately carved jade and expensive aged tea are some of the most sought after high-priced commodities.

However, Chinese Calligraphy, bamboo baskets, traditional Chinese knots, and other handcrafted items that are relatively cheap and sought after as well. If you’re up for a little bargaining, you could buy some items for cheaper, however some places have a fixed price.

Excited to visit China? Then head over to know more from the Embassy of China (If you are Indian tourist visiting China)



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