The White Carpet

Remember! We were expecting snowfall soon, while returning from our trek to Karelun, in the previous post? Well, our guess turned out right. The very first snowfall of the season and the ‘very first’ snowfall to be witnessed by me happened in the second week of December.

Blanketing of Dalhousie in white started slowly, silently and stealthily during the wee hours of darkness.


By dawn, all around there was almost 3 feet deep snow and the snowflakes were still gliding down from the heavens like white glitters.


The view just outside our house looked like a canvas with a ‘Black n white’ painting!


These steps leading to the lawn seemed to be ‘The Steps’ to heaven….It finally stopped snowing at around 11 AM and we went out of our shell and the view was one of a monochromatic shot!


And we found this the perfect time to walk through the white field, capturing the beauty all around with a hot-piping cup of Coffee and some lip smacking momos from the food joints at GPO.


Mesmerised with the white and black painting of the day,we decided to walk through the whiteness around and we discovered……..


That the whole of this beautiful paradise was submerged in the colour that symbolises purity….

20150309_101610_wm_wm (1)

And it looked like not just the town but even the flowers and trees loved the whiteness and enjoyed the hibernation due to the snowfall.


The lovely rhododendrons too weighed down humbly by the canopy of whiteness and they looked like they had been sugar coated by a white cotton candy!

Indeed a sight to behold…..

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  1. Gorgeous pics!!
    Must have been a wonderful sight, and holiday!:)

  1. October 14, 2016

    […] floating clouds during the monsoons and Nature’s white carpet during the winters and the innumerable treks to undertake was all so beautiful and […]

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